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Dear customer,

Pursuant to article 19 of resolution 3,919 of C.M.N, Finsol makes available to its customers, by February 28 of each year, a consolidated statement of income by month to month, in relation to: I - tariffs; and II - interest, default charges, fines and other expenses incurred on credit operations.
If you are interested in obtaining the consolidated statement for the year 2017, please contact Finsol at 0800-608-8800 with your CPF.

Head Office Av. Gov. Agamenon Magalhães, 4775, 10º andar, Empresarial Thomas Edson, Boa Vista, Recife-PE. CEP: 50070-160 CNPJ: 18.810.553/0001-75
Fone: (81) 3037.8888
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