• Finsol and Mongeral sign partnership to sell microinsurance in the northeast


Finsol has partnered with Mongeral Aegon, the oldest insurance company in the country with 176 years of expertise to offer microinsurance focused on the classes C, D and E. With monthly fees starting from R$ 9.90, microinsurance line "My Family" will provide coverage in case of death of the holder, in addition to benefits such as funeral assistance and food aid. The products begin to be marketed up to January, inside Finsol’s service network, present in about 400 cities in five Northeastern states. The expectation is to sell 15,000 policies in the first quarter.
According Finsol’s CEO, Marcello Pinto, microinsurance comes to attend a new consumer profile, emerged with the rise in average income of Brazilian workers and the entry of the class C in the consumer market. "They are people with higher income, they are now able to spend money thinking about the future," he says.
Microinsurance My Family, line of the policy which provides payment in case of natural or accidental death of the holder. In addition, it is formatted to provide family support not only at the time of death, with funeral service, but also in the following months. "In our practice of microcredit, we observed that with the death of the owner of the enterprise, the family has great difficulty in continuing that small business," says the director of Finsol. "So microinsurance also provides a meal allowance, sufficient to cater the needs of the family in the early months, giving them a greater peace of mind so that they can continue working in their microenterprise. '" He says.

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