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Finsol was presented at the III Forum on Financial Inclusion, held by the Central Bank, between December 21 and 23 in Brasilia. The general and commercial director Marcello Pinto Joaquim Rodrigues attended the event, which brought together representatives of the Federal Government, microfinance segments, students and developers around national and international discussion of solutions for building a financial system which is efficient and inclusive. The central theme of the Forum was "From microcredit to financial inclusion: 10 years of joint Central Bank."
The meeting marked also the launch and debate on the National Partnership for Financial Inclusion (NFIP). NFIP, aligned with the principles for innovative financial inclusion in the G20, is the fundamental pillar of the diagnostic market, the regulatory framework for inclusion, financial literacy and consumer protection. "The regulation of the sector has been largely discussed, with an important debate on greater flexibility on the performance of CB operators, expanding the opportunities for entry into that market," said Marcello.
He also said the forum opened space for innovative experiments, such as the use of mobile phones as a payment method and strategies of internalization of the market, with a discussion of actions in order to stimulate the creation of new banking correspondents in places even without this service.
Marcello Pinto rated as "very positive" Finsol's participation in the event. "We made important contacts with the Andean Development Corporation (CAF), through the Brazilian Association of Credit Societies to Microentrepreneur on a specific fund for the development of microfinance institutions," he says. Marcello said Finsol might have access to the resources of this fund, used to facilitate investment in the structure, technological advances and financing resources for operators of microcredit.

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