• Finsol conducts strategic planning for 2012


With a fourth meeting of the Regional Caucaia (CE) on December 1 and 2, the formulation of the Strategic Planning Finsol 2012 has begun. One of the members of the discussion the Director of Organizational Development, was Valdi Dantas, the commercial manager of the Regional 4, Igor Quarry, managers and coordinators of agencies.
Planning meetings are scheduled in all districts throughout the month of December. R2 and R3 have already happened. The R2 team met in Teresina (PI) on days 8 and 9, under the coordination of commercial director, Joaquim Rodrigues. Already planned, R3 occurred on days 12 and 13 at Bacabaú (MA), led by Valdi Dantas. Over next days 19 to 20, will be the turn of R1, in a meeting coordinated by the general director Marcello Pinto in Caruaru (EP). After the regional planning, Finsol is going to make its overall planning for 2012, in Recife, on the 16th and 17th of January.
Regional meetings, the team conducts a performance evaluation, analyzes economic variants, as well as social policies, and elect the most likely scenario for 2012. Then, there is a strategic assessment, taking into account the internal and external environments, to define the challenge of each region over the next year.
"These planning exercises serve as regional subsidies, making an important contribution to the overall planning, when we elect the priorities and goals for the entire company," says Valdi. He said the meetings already held have been very positive, especially for effective participation in group discussions and setting bold targets for 2012.

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