Microcredit is a fast, simple and free of red tape to get the loan needed to develop your business. With money in hand, you have the ability to buy the spot and get better prices. A great opportunity to diversify your products, increase your sales and watch your business grow every day.

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    Who can apply for microcredit?

    Anyone who is over 18 years and has a small business, at least six months are available, in these conditions.

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    How do I apply as a loan?

    You may request amounts up to R$ 1.000,00 to the limit R$ 15 thousand. 

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    What should I do to apply for microcredit?

     We must form a Solidarity Group, with at least three and no more than ten friends or acquaintances who also have small business. It is the group which will act as guarantor of the debt. The community can also organize a Community Bank, from eleven microentrepreneurs. 

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    Do I have any goods or property as collateral?

    No. The fact that the entrepreneur is in Solidarity Group eliminates the requirement of collateral. 

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    Can I invest the money in microcredit?

    Purchase of goods, products, diversification of supply, equipment acquisition, renovation or improvement of physical facilities and other purposes that promote growth and development of your business.  

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    How do I apply for microcredit?

    Contact the nearest Finsol agency. A loan officer will come to you to provide more detailed information and submit your request.

    Check out the nearest branch or request a visit.
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    Why ask the Finsol microcredit?

    - Credit easy, fast and without bureaucracy.
    - By obtaining the loan, you have the opportunity to purchase in cash, with better prices.
    - Opportunity to diversify and expand merchandise sales.
    - No need to provide personal property as collateral.
    - Deadline for payment up to nine months.

    Click here to request a visit from a loan officer Finsol.

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