In compliance with Resolution 4567 of the Central Bank, Finsol SCMEPP S.A provides users, partners, suppliers, employees and employees with the Complaints Channel. Its purpose is to report, without need of identification, situations with indications of illegality of any nature, related to the activities of the Institution. The denunciations will be analyzed by the ombudsman's office and sent to the management for evaluation and providence of the appropriate measures.

Confidentiality, impartiality and exemption are ensured in dealing with complaints received.


Head Office Av. Gov. Agamenon Magalhães, 4775, 10º andar, Empresarial Thomas Edson, Boa Vista, Recife-PE. CEP: 50070-160 CNPJ: 18.810.553/0001-75
Fone: (81) 3037.8888
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